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Managing public health emergencies infodemia through content and new media technologies


Government of Nigeria, WHO, UNICEF, US CDC, MSF etc.


Disease outbreaks, especially from either unknown causes or those that are hard to treat lead to a lot of fear. This fear cause people to scramble for information from any and all sources. This is in turn met with excessive proliferation of misinformation, otherwise known as infodemia.

EbolaAlert was a content and channel project. It served as the glue for all parties in Nigeria's Ebola response. It used social media, web and social media to connect people and responders to facts and supports.

It was identified as one of the drivers of Nigeria's successful response to the Ebola by TIME Magazine.

Now called EpidAlert, this has been organized into a private not-for-profit organisation that has continued to provide support to public health institutions across Africa.

Visit epidalert.org to see more.

Source: TIME.com

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EpidAlert currently suspended on Twitter